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型號:QNAP TS-963X


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加購 標準配備以外之QNAP威聯通原廠配件




處理器 AMD G-Series GX-420MC 四核心 2.0 GHz
加密加速引擎 AES-NI
標準系統記憶體 8 GB DDR3L (1 x 8 GB)
最大可擴充記憶體 16 GB (2 x 8 GB, 2 SODIMM 記憶體插槽)
支援硬碟數量 5 x 3.5 吋/2.5 吋 SATA 6Gbps + 4 x 2.5 吋 SATA 6Gbps
Gigabit 乙太網路埠 1 x RJ45
10 Gigabit 乙太網路埠 1 x RJ45 10GBASE-T,支援 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M 五速
備註:若要長距離使用 10GbE 速度,請使用 Cat 6a 或 Cat 7 網路線 (須另購)。
USB 埠 2 x USB 3.0 (前方一個,後方一個) + 2 x USB 2.0 (後方)
音源 3.5 mm 音源輸出孔、喇叭、蜂鳴器
按鈕 電源、單鍵備份、重設
其他接口 Kensington 鎖孔
機型 桌上型
尺寸 (高 x 寬 x 深) 182 x 225 x 224 公釐
7.17 x 8.86 x 8.82 英吋
耗電量 (瓦) 硬碟待命:35.64W
(安裝 5 顆 HDD 和 4 顆 SSD)
噪音值 聲壓 (LpAm): 17.3 dB(A)
(安裝 5 顆 HDD 和 4 顆 SSD)
淨重 3.53 公斤 (7.78 磅)
工作溫度 & 相對溼度 0 - 40˚ C (32 - 104˚ F)
相對濕度 5 - 95%,非凝結,濕球溫度 27˚ C (80.6˚ F)
電源 120W 100-240V AC 變壓器
風扇 1 x 14cm 智慧風扇 (12V DC)
Operating System QTS 4.3.4 (embedded Linux)
Supported Client Operating Systems
  1. Apple Mac OS 10.7 or later
  2. Linux and UNIX
  3. Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10
  4. Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and 2016
Supported Browsers
  1. Apple Safari 7 or later
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or later
  4. Mozilla Firefox
Supported Languages Chinese (traditional and simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish
Supported File Systems
  1. Internal hard drive (EXT4)
  2. External hard drive (EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+, and exFAT)
    Note:To use exFat you must purchase an exFAT driver license from License Center.
Network & Virtual Switch
  1. TCP/IP: Dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6)
  2. Jumbo frame (failover, multi-IP settings, port trunking/NIC teaming)
  3. DHCP server and client
  4. USB Wi-Fi adapter
    Note:This feature does not support ad hoc networks because of security considerations.
  5. Virtual switch
    • Virtual switch editing in Virtualization Station
    • Combining virtual machines and containers in the same virtual switch
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
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  1. Network access protection with auto-blocking (SSH, Telnet, HTTP(S), FTP, CIFS/SMB, and AFP)
  2. Host access control for shared folders (CIFS/SMB)
  3. 140-2 validated AES 256-bit volume-based and shared folder data encryption (FIPS)
  4. 256-bit external drive encryption (AES)
  5. Importing of SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt
  6. Instant alerts through email, SMS, push service, and audio
  7. 2-step verification
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Storage Management
  1. Storage space utilization monitoring
  2. Flexible volumes and LUNs with thin provisioning and space reclaiming
  3. Supported RAID types: RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, JBOD, Single
  4. RAID hot spare and global hot spare
  5. RAID rebuild speed customization
  6. Advanced secure data erase
  7. Storage pools
  8. Qtier™ Technology (automated storage tiering)
    • Automatic or scheduled data tiering
    • IO-aware auto tiering
    • Shared folder tiering on demand
  9. Snapshots
    • Volume and LUN snapshots
    • Snapshot Dashboard
    • Snapshot Manager
    • Snapshot cloning
    • Snapshot Vault
    • Snapshot Replica
    • Unified Snapshot Directory
    • Support for Windows Previous Versions (CIFS/SMB)
    • Snapshot Agent for Microsoft Windows and VMware vSphere
  10. Online volume expansion
  11. Online storage pool expansion
  12. Online RAID capacity expansion
  13. Online RAID level migration
  14. SMART data migration
  15. Storage expansion using QNAP expansion units
  16. JBOD enclosure roaming
  17. SSD read-only or read-write cache
  18. Bad block scan and hard drive S.M.A.R.T test.
  19. Bad block recovery and RAID recovery
  20. Bitmap support
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  1. iSCSI targets with multiple LUNs per target
    Note:The maximum number of targets is 256.
  2. LUN mapping and masking
  3. Online LUN capacity expansion
  4. SPC-3 persistent reservation
  5. MPIO & MC/S
  6. iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER) with VMware ESXi
    Note:This feature requires a compatible Mellanox network card.
  7. iSCSI LUN backup, one-time snapshot, and restoration
  8. Virtual disks using iSCSI initiator
    Note:The maximum number of virtual disks is eight.
  9. Stack chaining master
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Power Management
  1. Wake-on-LAN (WoL) for GbE LAN port
  2. Standby mode for internal drives
  3. Scheduled power on and off
  4. Automatic power on after power recovery
  5. USB and network UPS support with SNMP management
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Access Rights Management
  1. Multiple user creation
  2. User data importing and exporting
  3. User quota management
  4. Local user access control (AFP, CIFS/SMB, FTP, and WebDAV)
  5. Application access control (File Station, Music Station, Photo Station, and Video Station)
  6. Subfolder permissions (AFP, CIFS/SMB, FTP, and File Station)
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Domain Authentication
  1. Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and domain controller support
  2. LDAP server and client
  3. Domain user login (AFP, CIFS/SMB, FTP, and File Station)
  1. Free host name registration (DDNS)
  2. Optional myQNAPcloud SSL certificates (DDNS)
  3. Auto router configuration using UPnP
  4. Web-based file manager with HTTPS 2048-bit encryption
  5. CloudLink for remote access without complex router setup
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  1. File syncing across multiple devices with SSL secure connection
  2. Selective synchronization for specific folders or subfolders
  3. Team folders as file center for better collaboration
    Note:The maximum number of sync tasks is 32.
  4. File sharing using email links
  5. Policy settings for conflicting files and file type filter
  6. Version control for a maximum of 64 versions
  7. Unified privilege and configuration management
  8. Central configuration mode
  9. Remote erase and restore
  10. Windows and Mac OS support
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Resource Monitor
  1. Monitoring of NAS system resources such as CPU, memory and network
  2. Monitoring of NAS storage resources such as volumes, RAID, and disk activity
  3. Monitoring of NAS application resource use
  4. Creation of extra swap space when SSDs are installed
  1. Reporting of issues to the QNAP support team, with automatic collection of system information
  2. Remote connection between QNAP support engineers and NAS for issue resolution (with user permission)
Web Administration
  1. Multi-window, multitasking system management
  2. Smart toolbar and dashboard for system status display
  3. Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  4. SNMP versions 2 and 3
  5. Resource monitor
  6. Network recycle bin
    • Recover files deleted using AFP, CIFS/SMB, and File Station
    • Automatic cleanup
    • File type filter
  7. Comprehensive logs (events and connections)
  8. Syslog server and client
  9. Backup and restoration of system settings
  10. Qmanager: Mobile application for remote system monitoring and management
  11. Qboost
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File Server
  1. File sharing across Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX
  2. Microsoft networking
  3. Windows ACL
  4. Advanced folder permissions (AFP, CIFS/SMB, and FTP)
  5. Shared folder aggregation (CIFS/SMB)
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FTP Server
  1. FTP over SSL/TLS (explicit)
  2. FXP support
File Station
  1. Cloud drive mounting for Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, HiDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Yandex Disk and Box
  2. Remote shared folder mounting (CIFS/SMB, FTP, and WebDAV)
  3. Document viewing using Office Online, Google Docs, and Chrome extension
  4. Microsoft Office file editing using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  5. ISO file mounting (maximum: 256 ISO files)
  6. Mount smart phones as external storage
  7. Read access for compatible optical disc drives
  8. Read access for compatible smartphones (MTP)
  9. Download and upload link sharing
  10. File dragging and dropping (Chrome and Firefox)
  11. File compression (ZIP and 7z)
  12. Download link creation and sending for publicly shared files, with expiration date and password protection
  13. Subtitle display (SRT and UTF-8)
  14. Slideshow playback in media viewer
  15. Qfile: Mobile app for file browsing and management
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  1. Auto filing
  2. Recipe function
  3. Archiving through iSCSI, USB, DVD and remote NAS
  4. Advanced settings
    • File deletion
    • Intelligent subtitle filing for videos
    • Data integrity check
    • File conflict policy
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Hybrid Backup Sync
  1. Cloud storage backup to Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Openstack Swift, WebDAV, and HKBN
  2. Cloud storage syncing with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Yandex Disk, Box, hubiC, BackBlaze B2, Amazon S3, and HiDrive
  3. RTRR server & client with bandwidth control
  4. Rsync server with download bandwidth control
  5. Remote server syncing (CIFS/SMB, FTP, Rsync, and RTRR)
  6. Scheduled backup to local and remote storage spaces
  7. Backup versioning (RTRR)
  8. Encryption, compression, and file filters
  9. Centralized management for backup, restoration, and sync jobs
  10. Support for Apple Time Machine
  11. Data backup to multiple external storage devices
  12. Desktop backup with QNAP NetBak Replicator for Windows
  13. Support for the following third-party backup software: Veeam Backup & Replication, Acronis True Image, Arcserve Backup, Retrospect, Nakivo Backup & Replication, and Veritas Backup Exec
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Photo Station
  1. Photo organization by thumbnail, list, timeline, or folder
  2. Virtual and smart albums
  3. Validity control for album sharing
  4. Photo tagging with text, colors, and ratings
  5. Slideshows with background music and transition effects
  6. Photo geotagging and display on Google Maps
  7. Photo and video uploading to Picasa, Flickr, and Weibo
  8. Album configuration backup and restoration
  9. Advanced folder permissions
  10. Support for domain users
  11. Photo Station Extension: Supports face detection and PDF to image
  12. Qphoto: Mobile application for online browsing and sharing
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Music Station
  1. Music playing and sharing through web browsers
  2. Music streaming to multiple devices
  3. Changing of album covers through Google search or by uploading photos
  4. Internet radio (MP3)
  5. Eight music alarms
  6. Switching between spotlight mode and manage mode
  7. Advanced search
  8. Scrolling lyrics
  9. Qmusic: Mobile application for music streaming and management
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iTunes Server Audio and video sharing for Windows & Mac iTunes
Video Station
  1. Video organization by thumbnail, list, timeline, or folder
  2. Virtual and smart collections
  3. Video tagging with text, colors, and ratings
  4. Video link sharing through social media and email
  5. Movie information and poster display from Internet sources or user-uploaded files
  6. Subtitle display (SRT, ASS, SSA)
  7. Subtitle search and downloading
  8. Subtitle file importing
  9. Subtitle display style adjustment
  10. Playback speed adjustment
  11. Direct video streaming for certain file formats
  12. Facebook login
  13. Advanced folder permissions
  14. Support for LDAP users
  15. Video uploading to YouTube and Youku
  16. Multi-zone video display
  17. Qvideo: Mobile application for online video browsing and management
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Virtualization Station
  1. Virtual machine creation (Windows, Linux, Unix, and Android)
  2. Virtual machine importing, exporting, cloning, snapshot capturing, backup, and restoration
  3. HTML5-based shared remote console
  4. Various networking modes using virtual switches
Container Station
  1. Support for LXC and Docker
    Note:Docker containers support Bridge, NAT, and Host mode. Linux containers (LXC) support only NAT.
  2. Application downloading from the built-in Docker Hub Registry
  3. One-click installation
  4. Container importing and exporting
  5. Console mode
  6. Three networking modes (Bridge, NAT, and Host)
  7. Auto-start containers
  8. Docker certificate downloading
  9. Private registry addition
  10. Application repository for switching to any repository on GitHub.com
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  1. Full-text search
  2. Data distribution using a bar chart
  3. Previews for photos, music, videos, PDFs, Gmail, and others
  4. Advanced search operators and search scope
  5. Customized search filters with included or excluded conditions
  6. Related files suggestion in Viewer
  7. Search Chrome extension
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Surveillance Station
  1. Support for over 3,000 IP cameras
  2. 4 free camera licenses
    Note:The application supports a maximum of 40 camera channels. You can purchase additional licenses on the QNAP website.
  3. Instant playback for checking of recent events
  4. Visual aid using e-map
  5. Playback and speed control using the shuttle bar
  6. Video preview on playback timeline
  7. Intelligent video analytics (IVA) for advanced video searching
  8. Surveillance client for Mac
  9. Vmobile: Mobile surveillance application for iOS and Android
  10. Vcam: Mobile recording application for iOS and Android
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QVPN Service
  1. VPN server
    • Secure remote access with PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN services
    • Support for a maximum of 100 clients
    • Support for domain users
  2. VPN client
    • Support for PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN VPN protocols
    • OVPN file importing for creation of OpenVPN connections
  3. Easy VPN connection (Windows VPN utility)

Note:QVPN combines an integrated VPN Server, a VPN client, and L2TP/IPSec VPN services.

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DLNA Server
  1. Support for DLNA/UPnP TVs and players such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  2. Support for CUE indexing file for APE and FLAC
Q’center (NAS CMS)
  1. Monitoring of multiple NAS devices
  2. Utilization history reports
  3. Unified configuration management
  4. Monitoring of NAS devices behind NAT routers with Connect to Q’center
    Note:The application is available in the App Center and in virtual appliance marketplaces (VMware vSphere ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V).
Qfinder Pro
  1. QNAP NAS location on the same local network
  2. NAS shared folder mounting
  3. Basic setting configuration (firmware, SMTP server, and network settings)
  4. Direct connection with USB QuickAccess and Thunderbolt (specific models only)
  5. Storage Plug & Connect (Windows only)
    • Creation and mapping of NAS shared folders
    • Creation of and connection to iSCSI targets and LUNs
  6. Media upload (Windows only)
    • Media file upload to the NAS
    • Automatic creation of thumbnails or transcoding of videos using the computer
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App Center
  1. Official and community software add-ons
  2. Automatic updates and notifications for new versions
  3. Repository for imported third-party content
  4. User-specified volume for storing applications
AirPlay & Chromecast
  1. Video, photo and music streaming to Apple TV or Chromecast using the following:
    • NAS applications: File Station, Music Station, Photo Station, and Video Station
    • Mobile applications: Qfile, Qmusic, Qphoto, and Qvideo

Note:You must install the Media Streaming add-on from App Center.

Download Station
  1. PC-less downloads (BitTorrent, FlashGet, FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS, QQDL, and Thunder)
    • The application supports a maximum of 500 tasks.
    • The maximum number of concurrent downloads is 90 (30 BT/PT, 30 HTTP, 30 FTP)
  2. BitTorrent: Support for search, magnet links, private trackers, and proxy
  3. Scheduled download and bandwidth control
  4. RSS subscription and download (broadcatching)
  5. Support for add-ons that extend download functionality
  6. Qget: Mobile application for download browsing and management
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Notes Station 3
  1. Multi-user text editing using the collaborative editor
  2. Table creation using the spreadsheet editor
  3. Online quick preview of multimedia attachments
  4. Smart snapshot for version control
Linux Station
  1. Usage of the NAS as a Linux-based computer
  2. Support for Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu Kylin 16.04
  3. Application downloading and usage from the Ubuntu Software Center
  4. Remote desktop for remote monitoring and accessing of Ubuntu
    Note:The application requires at least 4 GB of memory and installation of Container Station.
  1. One-way scheduled sync of contacts from multiple Google accounts
  2. Contact importing from CSV or vCard 3.0 files
  3. Contact exporting to CSV or vCard 3.0 files
  4. Duplicate contact searching and merging
  5. Snapshot management for contacts database
  6. Contact management: Groups, favorites, lock, search, delete and restore
  7. Support for Android and iOS
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  1. Daily task automation
  2. Social media data archiving
  3. File synchronization between the NAS and various cloud services
  4. System event notifications on Line, Skype, Gmail, and mobile phones
  5. Music playback on Music Station using Amazon Echo voice commands
  6. Usage of motion detection sensors as trigger for camera recording on Surveillance Station
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General Notes
  1. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  2. Some features may vary by model.
  3. QTS does not support DRM content and some IPv6 services.
  4. Some data encryption features may be unavailable because of country-specific legislative restrictions.




  • 交易方式:
    您不確定以上商品是否符合您的需求?沒關係,我們會為您向原廠確認。或是您希望增減以上商品之規格零組件,我們都可彈性配合您的需要報價及出貨。 如您對以上產品規格以及價格滿意,可透過以下方式進行採購:

1.電話聯繫: 請直接來電:(02)8969-0901


3.來函Email:  service@serverbank.com.tw

  • 付款方式:如客戶為首次交易現金交易。
  • 傳真訂單: 直接將正式報價單簽名後傳真至(02)2253-9016 即完成訂購程序,我們會於最短時間內電話確認訂單。
  • 寄送時間:依造不同廠牌代理商有所不同,大多數商品於 7 工作天能送抵客戶端,我們收到您訂單時會同時回覆您確定交期。
  • 送貨方式:(1) 原廠或是代理商直接配送 (2) ServerBank委託宅配或是貨運公司送達。
  • 送貨範圍:限台灣本島地區,運費由 ServerBank 為您負擔,注意!收件地址請勿為郵政信箱。
  • 售後服務:若產品本身瑕疵或運送過程導致新品瑕疵,到貨7日內可更換新品。
  • 保固政策: 實際以原廠及代理商公告保固條件為主,查閱購物說明與保固服務。


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